hmm... zdnet powerbook coverage...


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Isn't it strange that under an article about the new iBooks and PowerBooks, has the following lines? (I think a better related quote would be AAPL, don't you?)

It states:

blablabla... By contrast, several Mac dealers said privately they don't expect to get new iBooks and PowerBooks for sale any sooner than five days.

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... where zdnet seems to get their articles :) ... the quote below the article DOES state AAPL. shitheads zdnet belongs to MS. anyone want to tell them they're doing great? :)
hehe, if you believe what ZDNet writes, you will end up with the following, easy mathematical situation:

Apple = Buh!

...allthough I somehow don't get it...Microsoft holds a large amount of Apple's stock and is producing for their operating systems, in fact, they have the largest Mac programmer's team outside of Apple