My buddy found something interesting hiding in OSXPB.

the strings that appear in the login dialog box are stored. There
are some that only appear in certain situations, such as strings for
when the beta expires.

interesting part...

/* Button title in alert to confirm restarting the computer into
DOS/Windows (Intel computers only). */
"Restart in DOS" = "Restart in DOS";

Excuse me? Intel computers only? Will they release it?
1) Apple might be planning a Mac OS X Intel release
2) It might be remnants from a quality test
3) It might have been left over from its OpenStep heritage
4) It might be part of the Darwin base

All are possible.
Personally, I don't think (1) is very likely.
ok, I thought it was for darwin at first since there is an intel version available. However, this is what shows up in the login window? If that is true then it rules out the darwin theory. . . and that means...


Let us not forget that Charles Darwin proposed the theory of Natural Selection, not evolution. And Natural Selection basically put forth "Survival of the fittest," that only the things most able to survive in variable environments, especially those other than it's natural environment, will survive. :^)