Hmmm.... Where to start??


I know most of my problems have already been said.. but oh well.. I want to add my rants to the collection..

First, it's deathly slow. And Classic programs are even worse. I know people have been saying its running in Debug mode.. but geez.. this is horrible. I've found myself starting to use my PC more than my MAC just cause of how slow it is...

Alot of programs crash. But I've never had the system freeze up. Which is probably the only positive thing I can think of to say...

Has anyone had this problem? The mail program will download mail BUT the subjects and the actual contents of the mail do not match.. ?? Weird is all I can say. Never the less, I've decided not to use Mail program anymore...

Quicktime doesn't support Mpeg file playback..

Zip disk do not show up when you plug them in. My external firewire HD shows up though... (I should check to see if Iomega has a set of drivers available for Mac OS X first...

This isn't actually a Mac problem, but Microsofts,,, and I kind of find this funny, but I can NOT access my Hotmail account using the beta version of the software...

And the real kicker of them all, I can't boot directly into OS 9.. holding the option key does nothing for me. It shows only the Mac OS X HD.....
Let me go dig up those OS 9 CD roms.....



You probably already know this but that Option key on restart trick only works if OS 9 & OS X are on separate partitions.

Best of luck,



of course!!


damn it! okay, i didn't..

but oh well. i'm back to using OS 9, and the speed everything loads up at.. it's overwhelming. so i'm just gonna wait until os x to be available in it's final version...

unless i just get really bored.. then maybe i'll consider trying another install with two partitions.. hmmmm....

what am i thinking?!?! no no.. i'll stay with os 9...

although this system has crashed three times already today....
hmmmm.... dang.. dillemma galore... ;P



That is why this is a beta. Not a final release.

Test it for stability (but it is a beta)
test it for for speed(but it is a beta)

Apple needs sceptics like yourself. Email them feed back, that is what the beta process is about, then they will/can fix stuff.

I think the problem you are having is on of expectations, If you go into a beta, expecting it not to have some problems, you are bound to be disappointed.



2 partitions may help. I installed 9 on the first partition and X on the other. I have had no crashes at all.
I'm running a 350 B&W G3 with 128 RAM and I have not noticed any speed issues. I've even run some video games from the classic environment without diffculties or any noticable speed decreases.

Zip disks that are formatted for windows ( and can be read by 9) are not recognized by X yet. My mac formatted disks work fine.

As far as booting directly into 9. I found under system preferences, if you set the start up volume to the OS 9 partition that on restart OS 9 will boot up. If I want to switch back to X, in the X partition there is an app called SystemDisk or StartUp that allows you to select which volume to start up. selecting the X partition will cause the next restart to be in OS X.