home directory


I have file sharing establish with a remote user. All works well except for some reason it automaticly takes him inside the public folder versus in side his home directory. I have tried removing and re adding the user, changing privileges both in the GUI and the terminal, but always the same result he gets two volumes to mount mine and his. When he opens mine he gets the drop box, when he opens his own he also only the drop box which is in his public folder. When I log into him I get my entire home directory. Why cant he see his entire home directory.

Also OT how do you type file names in the terminal that have spaces in them? I try to switch to a folder called my graphics and always get unknown file or folder. I finnaly just moved the words together so I could access it in the terminal.
For the public folder thing, are you sure he isn'g logging in as guest?

For spaces use file\ name or 'file name'