Home folder missing...


I applogize in advance if this is posted somewhere else, but i couldn't find it if it was O..o()

My system froze up last night while i was working with adobe photoshop CS 2, i restarted the comp. and it said my home folder was either moved or deleted, i've look over the HDD and can't find that it's been moved anywere. I also tried to do a archive and install again to see if i could just make another home folder but it give me an error, is there any way to get a new home folder on there so i can get all the stuff off my HDD? also i have a firewire HDD hooked but it dosn't reconize it [nor my iPod], thanx in advance.



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So you had all of your stuff saved else where?

The easiest thing to do would be to create a new user.

The last thing I would try would to do this:

Open Terminal and enter these commands:
sudo cp -R /System/Library/User\ Template/English.lproj/ /Users/username
sudo chown -R username:username /Users/username

where username is your username, if the directories already exist it should error. Like I said, I would do this only if tried everything else and you are absolutely sure you cannot find your user folder at all. If you had a bunch of files in your user directory I would wait to try this, try and get some recovery software or something.


i tried to get into the accounts to creat a new user and it won't even go into the accounts pref. pane, it just thinks a whole lot, like it's trying to do something, if i click on one of the other prefrences it takes a minute but it'll go into it without a problem, is there any other way to create a new user? O..o()