Home Folder Was Copied Inside Applications Folder

Hi! I am using Tiger. I accidentally moved my Home folder into my applications folder. So now i have two home folders and the files seem to be divided into these home folders as some files are under "applications/username/music" while the other half would say "users/username/music". I saw this when my half my widgets showed up in the original folder while the other half showed up in the new "applications..." folder. It seems like my files have duplicated or looped and everything is messed up. I cannot delete the home folder inside the applications folder. What can I do to make my home folder into one whole folder again?
thanks for any advice you can give!
Open both folders. Put the applications/home on the left, the other on the right.
Now compare the folders and move the stuff from the left to the right - in the correct users/home folder.

Now click once on the folder you want to remove. Go to the Get Info from the File menu.
Click on the arrow next to Details. Change the owner to yours user name. You will be asked for your password.
Now drag it to the trash.