@home mail and ms explorer mouse


Okay.. so i finally got @home internet running with osxpb.. but i have a new problem .. with ATT/TCI @home cable internet service.. the pop server name is just "mail" .. for some reason the mailer program returns an error when it tries to check this account. it works fine with my college accouont.. anyone know how to make it work with @home? also.. i have a microsoft intellipoint optic mouse.. does anyone know how to get the wheel and extra buttons working?
can't help you with the first one but can tell you about the latter. . MS Intellipoint explorer mouse does work but to be able to use wheels.. use any cocoa apps such as mail, Omniweb or any program that is cocoa based it works but carbonized or classic, it is rendered useless since the driver is not developed for mac os x yet.

The server can't be called just "mail". It will be called "mail.something.something", likely something like "mail.home.com".

It may be that in your old TCP/IP setup, there was an implicit domain name to add to all unqualified computer names, but that has been left blank in OS X.
no.. it has always been in windows and old mac os "mail"... because we are basically hardwired in to the server .. it is essentially a lan that we are apart of.
I do recall being Time Warner RoadRunner customer two years ago in NY that it does not require what scruffy was talking about.. So it can be "mail" but check your tech support because there should be a alternative pop server address that you can use if you were on the road.
Can you ping mail?

In your old setup, in the TCP/IP control panel, was there a domain name set? Because this domain name is automatically added to any single-word computer names. If it isn't present in OS X, then there's your problem.
What you need to do is call @home. That should always be done the first site of problems. My mail server for @home in Phoenix is mail.mesa1.az.home.com...so your should be similar. It works fine for me in the public beta. How are you connecting? Did you manuallt put all your network info in or did you figure out how to get the DHCP thing working?