Home networking with Win98 & NAT & stuff...


I used to use Sharity with 10.0.4 to connect to my roomate's computer with Win98 on it. However, now that I have updated to 10.1, I can't seem to find it anymore. I have completely deleted Sharity and reinstalled, but to no avail.

Does anyone know how I might be able to solve this problem?

Also: NAT seems to not be working in 10.1. Programs such as Brickhouse and gNAT can't seem to do it anymore.

Does anyone know how to get NAT working again (in a simple way) in 10.1?

Did you go into the terminal window, and check the permissions on the apps?

I've seen this problem a lot. I think Apple needs to make permissions much more intuitive. It seems more and more folks have been complaining about "missing," and "ghost" files...

Good luck!
If this helps... I have a shared inet/network connection.

cablemodem-->network card-->Win98SE-->network card-->switch-->TiBook

I used Dave to share files, but for inet access no extra software was needed. Just ICS that came with Windows. I also am using ZoneAlarm (freeware) as my firewall.

for some reason, ICS doesn't seem to work with my PPPoE connection. OS X's built in NAT was working beautifully, but now it doesn't seem to share at all. I'm connected to a iMac (OS9) and a Win98 box. My Xbox has the DSL connection and was routing, but I can't do it anymore.

ALSO: how does one use 10.1 to connect to Win98 shares?