Honda Insight

It did say this was for anything, any topic at all...

I'm selling a honda Insight Gas/Electric Hybrid (no you don't have to plug it in).

It's a 2000 with every option. 5 Speed. Great gas mileage. You can see it at and click on the Insight link.

Only about 6K miles.

Paid about US$21K. Owe about $16K. That's all I'm asking.

Any takers?

Oh, it has an Apple sticker on the back (the white one).
A bit of topic, but anyhow... Honda's got a new model called Fitta. "Fitta" is p*ssy in swedish... Hmm... Stupid post.
LOL how about the chevrolet "nova" lol in spanish it means "no go" lol :p hahahahahaha :D great marketing :p
Got an Apple sticker? I'll take it! JK.

Why are you getting rid of it so soon?

Here in Virginia, you can get on the HOV (carpool) lanes even with one person if you have a hybrid car.

: ) Actually the color is a selling point as they will no longer make it in that color (after the 2000 models were made).

Getting rid of it as we have two cars and don't really even need one; but that "one" is my Saab and it's not leaving.

I'll even throw in an extra apple sticker...