Horrible OSX experience


Humble God
I had been using OSX since the public beta, no problems, and it never had froze or anything. I installed the boxed version last week, no problems, no freezes. Then today...

I turned it on, and looked at the dock. All the application icons had turned into folder icons except for appleworks (because its carbon). I investigated and found all the Cocoa applications on my hard drive turned into their seperate resources. They were just folders with data files and more folders. Nothing would launch. I checked out my carbon apps. They had kept their icons and form, but wouldn't launch either. My classic apps had lost their icons and once again, wouldn't launch. I tried opening system preferences, no luck. I tried launching IE to go into this forum, no luck their either. I ended up reinstalling OSX.

I have no idea how this could have happened. I didn't do anything weird with the operating system, didn't mess around with the unix crap or anything. How could this have happened? Has this happened to other people? It seems like a very serious problem to me (had me screaming the f word for almost 10 minutes strait).
Search on VersionTracker and you will find an app that can switch app between folder and executable form. I'll try and find the name and post it in a new topic under general discussion.

Hope this helps,
I posted my problem in a zdnet.com forum and I got an Email reply from and Apple guy. He told me how to fix the problem, and it worked. Shows that apple does care. Here's what he wrote for anyone else who's had the problem:

Hey guy,  my name is Scott Simmons.  I work for Apple computer here in Austin.  I saw your post concerning all your apps and everything becoming folders, here’s how you fix it.  Open a new finder window in OS X go to your folder under users, then under the folder with your login short name, then to Library, then to preferences,  inside preferences you’ll find 3 files entitled LSClaimed types, LSSchemes, LSApplications,  trash these 3 files,  logout under the finder menu then log back in.  Your folders will regain their former appearance.  This is a bug we’re aware of and trust me, we’re working on it.

Scott Simmons
ESA Support
Apple Computer
Austin Tx

P.s. You can mail me at work too if you need further clarification ssimmons@apple.com