Hostname already exists on network.


One of the employees at the company I support had tiger put on her Mac Laptop and sharing enabled on it. Ever since this happened, she has been getting an error message saying that the local hostname already exists on the network no matter what we change it to. I thought that the AirPort may be conflicting, but I disabled it and got the same message. I disabled automount, disabled sharing, and still the same message comes up over and over again about every 5 minutes or so. When I am in the network preferences for long enough, it will say another application has changed the preferences and none of the changes that I made were saved. Not quite sure what to do beyond this point. Thank you in advance.
When that happened to me on my home network I went through the OS X network troubleshooting wizard that popped up in Safari. On its recommendation, I wound up resetting the router by unplugging and replugging it and the problem cleared immediately. There are have been several reports of this after installing Apple's 2005-006 Security update and restarting the router or network server has been the sure cure solution every time.

A tad more difficult in your environment than it is in mine I know, but there it is.