HOSTS file???


So does anyone know the scoop for "hacking your hosts file" on OSXPB?

With OS X Server and OS X DP4, the HOSTS file was only used if you were running in single-user mode (IIRC). You had to use some other app that modified the local NetInfo DB to fulfill the role of the HOSTS file.

So my question here is... Where is that other little app that edits the NetInfo DB, or how can I get OSXPB to read my hosts file? I want to point some domain names at other IPs, and I'm not finding a way to do it. Any thoughts? Thanks!

-- Alex
You've probably already found it by now, but the application you're looking is Applications/Utilites/NetInfoManager.

You add additional host name and IP address associations to /Machines/. Not nearly as easy as echoing entries to /etc/hosts, but I can understand the motivation for the NetInfo database.

-Jason Sewell
Thanks Jason. I wasn't quite sure *what* to edit with NetInfoManager.

There was actually another tool in OSXS and DP4 that was a bit less "deep" into NetInfo. NetworkManager or something. Looks like it didn't make it into OSXPB.

No prob, editing this "machines" subdirectory will do. Thanks again!

-- Alex