HotBook G4 !!!


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Before installing and using OS X, my PowerBook G4 almost never turned it's little fan on, and even when it did, it was only for 20 seconds or so.

But now with OS X, it seems it's always on, and today I'm worried ;-(

My fan has been on for a solid hour and 13 minutes now.... just after posting this I think I'm going to turn it off for a short bit.... It has never been on this long before, and I looked very closely to see if the fan has moved or something that would cause the air flow to be different from design... seems fine....

Has anyone else had this happen, any ideas?
My fan comes on too but that much so I don't worry about it that much....What you might want to do is keep your room cooler? I dunno....I turned up the AC in this room so it would stay cooler....
if your that worried, i suggest getting a laptop cooler. check out for one, or just raise up your pb higher.

i have an old everglide mousepad, and i have it flipped over, with the pb on the rubber feeting. the mousepad absorbs the heat, and gives it more airflow under the pb, and my fan has never turned on during normal osx use.
Yea, I'm sure I will be getting a "Cooler" of some sort.... Just wish OSX didn't cause this "heat" rise over OS 9, I had gotten use to the quite slick PowerBook of mine, but OSX sure makes the fan turn on all to often and for very long periods of time....

But I can understand the difference, when I open a terminal and type ps -aux and see all that is loaded, even though no cpu time is taken, it is in ram and ram use will keep the electrons rolling and so forth...

Well anyway, I'll live with it, at least its not turning off like my friends thinkpad ;)