hotmail access


hi guys - i've just purchased an ibook and am new to mac os. I'm sure this has been asked a million times - but how do I access hotmail? I've downloaded a plugin from the apple site that is allowing me to send e-mails but I cannot receive any - it just flags an error. Can anyone help please.
Many Thanks in advance.
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

what program are you using to access you hotmail account ? mail, entourage ?

AFAIC : through messenger 5.0 :eek:
Hi Gig' - i'm using Mail. I've downloded the plugin from Daniel Parnell (httpmail). I can't receive e-mails - when i click on "get mail" i get the following error "Read error: - Connection reset by peer"
By the way - has there been problems with the hotmail server over the last few days? I've downloaded MSN Messenger for Mac 5.0 - and I can't access e-mail thru' that either - it just hangs up?
Any advice appreciated as I am becoming increasingly frustrated with hotmail! Many Thanks.
Well never tried to configure Mail but even with entourage it's cumbersome if not impossible to access my hotmail account. Can't tell for sure if there's a server problem but even through Messenger I can't login fully, since about 10 days, and the logout process fail systematically.

Some M$soft bugs ?!

I'm considering going for yahoo soon
just found this trick in messenger 5.0 preferences tab privacy : deactivating the passport network privacy enables me to go straight in my mailbox ....but signing out process fails