Hotmail, Mail and OS X


How do I check my hotline mail uning the buildin Mail application for OSX ? what settings should I use? Im used to just select "Hotmail" in outlook and then don't have to worry about the things...

... as far as i know you can't.

this is one of the main reasons why i cancelled my hotmail adress:
as per usual for microsoft, hotmail is full of little bonuses like the fact that you can only use outlook, or, of course, read your mail online in your browser. (ie naturally, what else could one use?)
microsoft, for some reason, will not part with what they seem to consider terribly valuable information: the adress of hotmail's pop server ...
i tried phoning microsoft's hotline, i mailed the hotmail contact adress, i contacted a friend who used to work for mr. gates and his marvelous company ... to no avail: you either use outlook or get lost as far as hotmail is concerned.
very annoying, but typical.

incidentally this also applies to my girlfriend who is on an old performa box and can't run the new version of outlook ... she can't download her mails.

if anyone knows a workaround, please let us know ... :)
Was that the only reason for cancelling your hotmail account ? :p
The only reason I still have one is so that I can send junk mail to it.
I give that email out to "register" sites (well non serious ones that I know I will get junk mail from).

Yahoo offers pop and smtp access, although I cant get SMTP to work :p
yeah, i still use hotmail for junk ... :)
i wouldn't know what else to use it for though ... *lol*
Maybe some people don't feel complete unless they get spam. Actually, the whole reason I got mine was because it's one of the few web-based mail set-ups that can handle Japanese.