How (and where) do you add fonts


Hi All
I've been messing with OSX for the past few days (this message is posted using OmniWeb, hay a spellchecker in a browser, i like it).
One of the things I can't seem to do is add fonts so they appear in the Font Panel in TextEdit.
I've put fonts in the Fonts folder in the 'users/public/username/library/Fonts' folder, no change.
I've tried the ' nftgfs/Fonts' folder, no change there either (what the **** does " nftgs" mean anyway?). The 'System/Library/Fonts' folder is locked, so I can't put 'em in their. So are additional fonts not supported in this beta or am I just doing something wrong/making a stupid mistake?

I am also concerned about the 'Buy Fonts' button in this window. Will it link to Adobe? or maybe Blitstream? Or it even link to a central font perchacing site? Managed by Apple off corse. Who knows?

I took a font from my Mac OS 9 Font folder and copied it over to /users/nate/library/fonts and then loaded up TextEdit and it was there. Worked fine.

So while I was still in TextEdit I copied over a couple more, switched back to TextEdit and loaded the font window, it said updated font information and the font I put over there was there. Instantly. Very Nice.

Although I have found a couple of fonts that don't show up in the font list. Not sure was to why yet.