How are you guy partitionning your HD?

What's your setup?

  • Only one partition, OSX + OS9

  • One OS9 on main part. , OSX on the other

  • Standard OS9 on main part. , OS9 for classic and OSX on other

  • OSX on main part, OS9 on secondary part

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You might want to include users who have two drives, and OSX on one drive, and Classic/OS9 on the other. There's no 'close' choice for that instance.

I've given OS X full roam to my secondary 30GB drive, while OS9 takes up my 40GB primary drive.
I hate Classic, so I don't install OS 9.1. I partition my drive in three pieces: one called System HD, where I install my OS X, one called Application HD, where I install third-party applications that don't need to be in the Applications folder of OS X and one called Data HD. If I get an unrecoverable kernel panic (init died, ya know…), damage is minimal.
my HD is only 4 GB with a 500MB 9.1 partition and the rest for OS X. If I were a little smarter :) I would have made 3 partitions with two systems and one for documents or put /users on there...