How C Code Looks in Assembler


Here's an article I wrote comparing very simple C code to its equivalent PowerPC assembler. Shows loops, switch statement, pointers, variable storage, etc. Each line of assembler code is explained for comparison.


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I saw this dug on a few week back. It's really interesting. Makes you wonder if knowing a bit of assembler might make you be able to tweek for really high performance ... then again it will probably turn into a horrible mess!

What does an Objective-C Object look like? The same as a struct ?

How did you get to view the assembler code?



My professor wrote tons of books on x86 assembly, and so he showed us the x86 asm equivalent of some C structures. He basically pointed out that a certain loop (I forget whether it was for or do-while) was the most efficient.

Most of this stuff doesn't matter for desktop and laptops, but it does when you're working with embedded systems, where milliseconds can make a big difference.

I find it interesting, since most programmers don't know assembly (and PowerPC assembly will be less useful as Macs move to x86).


It's a really cool article, I've started reading it but it will take a bit until I've read throug it. Thank you.

@boyfarrell: If you have a projekt you can easily look at the assembler-code by clicking in the menu at Build->Show Assembley Code.


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