How can go back to OS 9 from OS x?


Hi, all,

I installed my OS x a 2 weeks ago, it's pretty cool, but it's beta after all, so I found it's kinda inconvinient sometimes and would like to go back to OS 9, I installed OS x from OS 9, does anyone know if I can go back to OS9 without refresh my HD and start over? Or anyone can tell me how to refresh my HD from OS X. Any help would be truly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

You can simply boot into 9 ands leave the beta installed. If you need the hard drive space you can remove OS X by deleting the visible files and then search for invisible files on the hard drive. After all the files from OS X have been removed you can copy the contents of the Mac OS 9 folder to the root of the HD.

Hope this helps :),