how can i access the file menu through the keyboard???


John Galt Member
is there anyway to access the file menu in OS X? or, the apple menu in OS 9? this would be a simplistic, unbelievably smart feature to have... an help?

the only good thing to ever come out of windows is the ability to access anything on the screen through the keyboard. this cuts down on slow "change-over" time from hand to mouse back to keyobard. it would be great to have this functionality in OS X...

Why dont you people memorize the commands that you need such as command-p, command-S etc etc .. thats a way to access all these menu functions.

Also its is good to note that windows developed as a graft on to DOS, and in a DOS application that had menus you had to be able to access menus from the keyboard, so what windows did wasnt something really innovative
not every action in every menu can be preformed through a key combination... theres gotta be a simple way to solve this...

but, enough with the questions, does anyone have an answer for me?

There is an app for OS9 that will let u access the menu; can't remember the name, but it's on Anyway, I'm sure there is a way to port that over to OSX, and if they don't do it, then that gives me one more fun thing to figure out :)

i scoured, but to no avail...
ghoser777, can you give me any more info on the app, or help me locate it? it would be a life saver...

any help would be greatly appreciated,
I can't agree that menu shortcuts similar to Windows would be something of the past. They save a lot of time for those who use them a lot but are never in the way for the others.

It can be very useful, especially for disabled - Sun actually added some class libraries to Java2 that were called "accessibility" that made it possible to make similar solutions in Java.

>>It's on there, near the bottom. It's called MenuBoard.<<

Just so everyone here is aware, the program MenuBoard was used by RedDragon Software without the author's permission. The original program was written by a friend of mine, and he's compared their program to his, and it appears to be identical.

You should also be aware that he hasn't updated the code since the early 7.0 days, and it's quite out of date. Use at your own risk. You can see some evidence of this in their screenshots, as many of the phrases used to describe the options don't apply to newer versions of the OS -- this was also a giveaway on the source of the code, as RedDragon's choice of words on those panels exactly matches what my friend originally wrote -- what are the odds of that?

He's not out any money, since he gave the program away for free, but you may want to think twice about paying for the program.

i downloaded it, and tried it out. it made "Finder" unexpectedly quit every 5 or so minutes...
anyone know of any <b>good<b> programs?

also, does anyone know of a good application switcher for OS 9 like in OS X? something through the keyboard, but doens't make every application show up before switching? i know this isn't OS X related, but any help?
i found an app for OS 9 called <b>Adock</b> from

it is similar to a dock for OS X, except it just shows open apps. it also comes with skins (one of which is "aqua"). but, best of all, you can switch to apps without making the ones in between active!

sorry, once again for trailing off from OS X. does anyone know a similar messageboard like this for OS 9?

and, last question: does anyone know a <b>goob</b> program for accessing the apple menu through the keyboard for any of the current mac OS's?

sorry to be so troublesome,
If you're still looking for how to control the menu from the keyboard in OS9, you should give Copy Agent from Connectix a try. Although it's really a backup program, it comes with a control panel called TurboKeys that, among other things, gives you access to the menubar from the keyboard. Now if only we could get that onto OSX...
yes, it has a control panel called TurboKeys which has that feature. Although, it seems like a steep price to pay($40.00) if you're not going to use CopyAgents other features. Copy Agent really is pretty cool, so maybe you'll learn to like the other features(Smart Replace/Merge, Scheduled Backups, etc) after you get your TurboKeys.