How can I backup iphone contacts/email/addresses and transfer them to PC easily?


Hey,guys!!!i have one quick question about my iphone contact backup ...

I have an iphone that has all my contacts stored in it.... (phone numbers, email, addresses, etc...) and I recently

bought an new computer, but I don't have any of this information stored in it.

My question is, how can I sync my iphone with to my PC without erasing the info in the iphone. I don't want my system

to think that since the PC is empty it should erase every contact in the iphone. I just want to transfer everything

from iphone and have a copy on PC,especially the contacts.

Appreciated your early reply.


Maybe you should go Discussion-Apple to look for what is iTunes user directions about how to backup your iphone.
Other than there are also a tool called Contacts Tool search iphone applications,and it will help u a lot if u want to transfer the contacts to computer.Like Out2003 or Outlook2007...
Outlook 2003:
1. In Outlook, choose Tools > Options.
2. Click Other and then click Advanced Options.
3. Select COM add-ins and select the iTunes sync add-in and click OK.
4. Click Apply and then continue with the steps below.
Outlook 2007:
1. In Outlook, choose Tools > Trust Center.
2. In the Categories pane, click Add-ins.
3. In the Details pane, locate the iTunes add-in in the "Inactive Application Add-ins" list.
4. In the Manage box, click COM Add-ins, and then click Go.
5. In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, select the iTunes sync add-in.
6. Click OK.
Besides,if you are always frustrated the directions of iTunes and Outlook.I want to give your advice to try out other professional transfer contact software.As far as i concerned,you can download the trail version of iPhone Transfer Contact for free,which can help you back up your iPhone contacts along with contact photos to computer as a file (either txt or antc).
Hope you have a wonderful time.