How Can I Backup My Email Clients On My Mac Book Pro?

Scott Ratner

I have different email accounts, all running on different email clients, such as mac mail, outlook for mac, mac thunderbird, postbox. I need to backup all the email clients as recently I lost all the emails from one of my email clients due to some glitch in my system and now those emails cannot be recovered as I heard from the support team. Now I am looking for a backup plan in order to save all the other email accounts from getting into that sort of trouble again.

Please provide some useful stuff that's quick in nature and can backup all my email clients. Thanks
Without asking why you are using several mail apps for your different emails accounts (Mail handles my 5 seamlessly) You have two options.

Time Machine - a back up that does so in time increments - every hour.
Third party app such as SuperDuper or CarbonCopy Cloner. You can do entire drive or you can select just the files/folders (Home folder holds your mail box folders) you want. You can even set it to automatically back up at a specific time.

In either case, you need to have an external drive connected to your computer.

you can manually archive your mail on a regular basis.

you can use IMAP settings for all your accounts, which will keep all your emails on the server - until you trash them.
The first link is a good article with steps on how to archive/backup your emails.
The second link is promoting a product that costs $80.