How Can I Backup Outlook For Mac 2016 On My Mac?

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Steve Matzinger

I am in need to clean up my outlook for mac 2016 and looking forward to an organized mailbox. But before that, I need to backup all my email database from outlook mac so that I don't lose any emails. The Outlook for mac export is taking a lot of time to export the mailboxes as they are quite large in number.

Is there any other way around to backup the outlook for mac 2016? Any software recommendation will also work if that is a way to go through.
It's better if you allow the export function take its time. Your database might be heavy, hence the time is being taken. For manual methods, the export function is the only way to backup your outlook mac.

However, there are other alternatives also:
As I have not tried them myself, so I am not aware of its functioning. You can go ahead with the trial version and share your views. I hope this helps.
Which email provider are you using with your Outlook mac? If it's an IMAP enabled account then you dont need to backup any email database, all your emails are automatically stored in the IMAP cloud storage.

Also in Mac Operating System there is facility called as Time Machine which is provided by default in Mac OS. Turn it on, it will automatically take an archive of your important files in regular interval of time. You need an external storage media such as SDD, Pendrives etc. When you directly attached the external storage medium, MAC OS asked you that whether you want to use this drive to backup with Time machine. Click "Use as Backup device"

apple menu >> system preferences >> time machine >> Set the machine on

You can easily restore your files any time using the external storage.

There is a third way that will automatically backup your emails once you are done with the setup, here's the link:
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