How can I do this?


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Hi to all :)
Small question,
I have made up this little project of mine, my "goal" is to do a comparison between PDAs and their OSes. I have a newton 2100 so no prob there. I would like to review a psion revo (EPOC OS), a palm devide (pref an m505) and a pocketPC iPaq H3670 with PocketPC 2002. (There dont seem to be any other PDA OSes floating arounds anyhow these days :p).

I was wondering if there is a way to do this wothout actually going out and buying an m505, an iPaq and a revo :p

Any suggestions ?

I'm not sure how in-depth you want to go, but as far as hand-on experience goes, you can always vist the comp store which will have 2 or 3 working models. (problably palm and M$). I'm sure you can find a bunch of PDA enthusiast sites online which have articles comparing the pros and con of separate OS'es as well as the underlying technology.

Sorry, I'm not much help at this, I've never owned a PDA. The first one I buy will problably have a 10Ghz processor.:rolleyes:
lol ;)
I will probably email some companies to see if I can get a free sample :p hehehe.

As far as the 10Ghz PDA... you are gonna wait a looong time :p

I don't know if where you are if it's like where i am but:

At the local CompUSA they have working models of almost every handheld out there! It's great! They let you even connect to the internet on them and check your E-mail! :)

So you could go to the nearest CompUSA and check it out.
the nearest CompUSA is too far dammit.
and circuit city and Best Buy are ghetto ones with shut off models...dammit :p

I mailed and to see what their suggestions are hehe