How can I fool OS X into thinking...


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How can I fool OSX into thinking the CD-RW I have is a supported one. I mean, how different can they all really be?

When I try to burn something from the finder or from iTunes, the CR-RW is not recognized, but it is recognized with the previen version og Toast Titanium...
Pretty different. If you managed to get it to think your burner was a supported one, you'd be able to burn some lovely coasters, in all likelihood.
I seem to remember setting up iTunes to do just that with my new Sony drive back in the old (??) 10.0.4 days...

Look in - I believe they have info on making drives compatiable with iTunes. I don't remember if they had anything about DiskBurner, tho.


EDIT: Also, the iTunes burning worked with no problems on several discs.
That page was pretty helpful, but it seems that it will only work for additional models of devices that are already supported. I tried to copy/edit/save_as a file under a new driver name, but it just made iTunes crash. :(

Any other suggestions...
Yeah, now that you mentioned it, it was only for same manufacturer's drives (which is why my Sony worked).

Don't think it's possible unless you know hex code and device driver writing. :D

I've used both DiskBurner and iTunes and I haven't been too thrilled with either due to their lack of speed. I find Toast, even in it's current beta stage, much better, although missing some features. One caveat of an all Apple solution though is that it's free. But then, you've got to wait for Apple to update to include your CDR driver - which they may never do. Ugh.