How can I mount a home directory on a remote Unix machine?


I'm know how to transfer files with ftp from a remote Unix account, but can you mount a remote home directory for the finder to see? I tried "Connect to Server..." from the "Go" menu in the Finder, but when I enter the address of the machine I have the account on, the finder simply says "No file services are available at the URL afp://" Since I'm able to transfer files from my remote home directory fine with ftp, I feel like the finder should be able to do this.

Any thoughts.......

BTW the remote home directory is on a machine that is not permitted to act as an NFS server for remote NFS clients (security issues I guess).
The ideal solution here would be NFS, failing that....

You need the server to be running some kind of sharing protocol, like AFP, SMB, or NFS. These are the ones off the top of my head that allow the kind of volume mounting you seem to be looking for.

If your admin is unwilling/unable to provide these services, you might want to look at Interarchy. The "FTP Disk" feature might be just the ticket. (Mind you, I've never really used it, so this isn't a testimonial, just a suggestion)

Hope this helps...