How can i portforward on my linksys router??


Hi, im using a iMac G5 OS X and i want to portfoward on my router so i can connect to more peers and better in Bittorent. (so i can download torrents faster) Ive tried to set up a static IP address and some other things but i cannot find a guide on how to do this on a Mac. Can someone please help me.
If you connect to the IP of your router using a browser, it should bring up a configuration page. In there, there should be an option for port forwarding. Just put in the information (port number, internal IP to forward to, etc.), apply the settings, and that should do it.
o yea i read that somewhere before, but how do i find out the IP address of my router? Is it the same as the IP address shown in the 'About This Mac' menu? sorry
Actually, it should be set as the gateway on the settings on your Mac. Check in System Preferences-->Network and look at the TCP/IP settings for your ethernet connection. whatever IP is listed as your gateway is the addfress for your router. By default, most linksys devices default to