How can I SECURE a folder in OS X Tiger?


Hi.. Can anyone please assist me with securing a folder. I simply want to protect the files in a folder on my OS X Tiger iBook. I don't want to create profiles for different people if I can get around that. Is there a way that a folder can ask for the Administrator password when the folder is opened? :eek:
A disk image will do the trick.

Open Disk utility select new blank image from the file menu. Select a size for the image, make this quite big and under format select sparse image. This will make the disk image only as big as it needs to be. So while you may have made the image 1 or 2 GB the image file itself only takes up the space it needs to hold the data you put in it.

To password protect the image select the encryption option and don't save the password in your keychain, else it will open with out having to enter the password when you are logged in as your self.

When you want to access the folder just double click the image, it will mount the disk image on the desktop, when done with it eject it (Apple-E).

It is possible to do this with folder permissions but it is ugly and not recommended - this was it is fail safe, no one will be able to access your files, even if they bypass the file system permissions (which is easy to do if you have access to the physical system)