How can I set up dynamic DNS in Mac OS X ?


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I have a Mac at home that I would like to be my "reference" computer. That is I would like it to be my library where I could access files when I am on the road.

This Mac is connected to the internet via a cable-modem but is behind a router (it is DMZ, however (I think it helps... does it ?)). It runs Mac OS X.1.

I know that there are multiple dynamic DNS services available : which one is the best ?

How should I set up my Mac so that it automatically updates my IP on the dynamic DNS server ?

Is it possible to do all this with a minimum of Terminal and without modifying too many hidden files ?

Thanks ! ;)
A quick search on 's macosx section turns up DynDNS Client 1.0 for macosx. That should do just fine.

If you are into terminal madness, you can grap any of the unix perl scripts scattered arround the internet and use them with minimum modification.

I use (hammer-node) for, and its quite nice. If you don't want to purchase a full domain name, a subdomain of, such as is free at Its quite nice, really. And I think you can do virtural nodes, such as and if you want to get really crazy.

Post if that helps! Post if it doesn't, too!