How do I connect a 5400 running 8.5 with a G4 running OS X?


Hmm...subjects says most really.
Anyway, both computers have a 100 Mb ethernet card and they are connected with a crosscable. When my G4 had OS 9, I just turned on File Sharing and then I could see the other computers HD from any of the computers, and then just copy files.
How do I do now? Is it possible to use some kind of easy file sharing, or will I have to use FTP or something like that ( I had to use FTP for file sharing when I was at a LAN where there were only PCs)?
I found a setting called "Sharing" in System Preferences under OS X, but when I click "Start", it only says "File Sharing starting up...", but it never becomes finished with the startup. What's wrong? My 5400 is turned on and filesharing is on as well.


Actually, what you're going to have to do to get this to work is assign each computer an IP address (TCP/IP control panel on your 5400, network panel in OS X). I would reccommend doing on one and on the other. Subnet mask should be set to on both. the rest of the settings in those control panels don't matter. Reboot the X box. Next, go into the sharing panel in OS X and you can enable file sharing. To connect to it from your 8.5 computer, go to the chooser, select appleshare, and click the button that says "server IP address" and then in the box that comes up, type in the 192 number that you put in the OS X computer's network control panel. Then you should be able to log in as usual. Unfortunately it won't work the other way since 8.5 doesn't accept AppleShare connections over IP like 9.0 and OS X do, and OS X doesn't support the AppleTalk protocol (which is what makes all the computers show up in the chooser without that server IP button).