How do I connect to older Mac?


I am trying to connect to an older mac through ethernet. My G3 is running OS X and my older mac is running OS 8.6. I have turned on file sharing but can not see the older mac. However, I can print to a laser printer that is shared by the older mac. What am I doing wrong. How can I get both machines to appear on the ethernet network? Please advise!!!!!!!!!!!!
If your older Mac has TCP/IP support installed, then you could check the NFS server for the Mac. It is available at

A word of warning, the server has is not too user friendly, so you will have to play around with config files to get it serving properly. All that is left is to make an NFS mount on you MacOS X computer.
I've managed to get my 7200 running OS 8.6 to recognize my G4 running OS X PB in the chooser without difficulty (although you have to enter the G4's IP address, not its name), and can log into my home directory using the same username and password (although it crashes the 7200 pretty regularly). I cannot, however, see the 7200's drives from the G4. I believe the reason for this is 8.6 will not run Appletalk over TCP/IP which is what OS X needs. OS 9 will run Appletalk over TCP/IP.