How do I copy the Sims 2 DVD


I've searched endlessly for information on how I can either copy the Sims 2 DVD, or play it without having to insert the original DVD. Now, I know there are dozens of DVD cloners for PC who overcome this problem, but sofar I haven't found anything for Mac.

My girlfriend and I both want to play the game at the same time, (I know, it's kinda sick :confused: ) and we happen to be in the fortunate position of having 3 mac's on which the game can run.

I'm not even going into discussing as to why one should be able to make a copy for himself. The above story should be legit enough ::ha::


If you have 3 macs that can run Sims2 then your doing pretty good for yourself, why not just cough up the dough for a 2nd copy of Sims2 :D

Just coming from the PC/Linux world I haven't found anything that would do what you want on the Mac. I've googled it and checked other places, but I just don't think a solution for you is out there.