How do I delete everything belonging to Adium?


I've been trying to remove everything, but I can't. When I reinstall it still remembers my account, my theme setting, etc. I'm trying to apply a new theme and I can't because the old one interferes.

It also goes across Mac OS X user accounts so I can't make a new one.


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Head to your home folder and go into Library-->Preferences and delete the com.adiumX.adiumX.plist file (and any other associated AdiumX .plist files you see in there). Make sure you aren't running AdiumX when you do this.

Removing these files should reset everything.


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User>Lbrary>Application Support>Adium


Thanks for the suggestions, they removed info like accounts, etc, but sadly they did not reset the theme.

I applied Simpledesktop, it's meant to make the contact list appear transparent. It made it go black, because a previous theme was black.

Any more help? Thanks.