How Do I Export Mail Rules And Restore On New Computer?


I used a time machine migration from Snow Leopard to Yosemite, MacBookPro to MacMini, and all the mail settings didn't come over. AppleCare is suggesting I redo the migration, but I've already spent four days setting up email accounts and transferring data and settings to the Yosemite. Plus, setting up all kinds of software and updates.

I have discovered that on the MacMini there are greyed out placeholders for all the mail settings for my email and "on my mac" folders, which is weird, because the data didn't show up in the The folders are there, but empty.

However, I have all the data for all those folders saved so I can import, not an issue.

The issue is the 7 years of mail rules right now. And then setting up the smart mailboxes for they didn't transfer either.
I've started rebuilding the rules. I spent a lot of time online yesterday - about three hours - researching this and attempting to find a simple solution. Apparently, Apple is very aware of this and there's nothing you can do except start over unless you do IT.