How do I get a powerbook to run closed


I would like to know if anyone know a way t get a powerbook G4 to run when it is closed. I would like to be able to start up my powerbook when I get in the car so I can have a very long MP3 play list while I drive cross country this summer. I am just hoping the powerbook does nto have to be open the whole time since I intend to use the headphone jack and plug a tape deck converter in so I can uses the cars speakers.

Will this be possibel or will I have to have the powerbook upen for the trip?



Dont know about the G4 but Apple says (See Knowledgebase) not to do this on PB G3's.

Shouldnt an iPod be more appropriate? Why not just keep it open and secure your PB with a seatbelt?


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You can run them closed, but AFAIK only in clamshell mode, which involves having an external monitor plugged in. I don't think that there's a way of using the LCD screen, then closing the PB without it going to sleep.


I'm confused here. I keep hearing people say that to run the PB with the lcd closed you have to have an external monitor. How would you use the computer without one? Just for filesharing or ???


The idea behind using an external monitor, is that you close the powerbook, plug in an external mouse and keyboard.... power it up, and the PowerBook acts basically like a desktop CPU...


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if you look for the little switch that tells the PB it's closed... just remove it, hehehe

might void warranty, and i have no idea where the switch is.. just disable it temporarily if you can find it.