how do i get into the usr-directory?


since i have no experience in using unix i don't know how to get in the "forbidden" directories. when i log in as root i get only access to the private-directory and only when i use the finder.

i think this should work by using the terminal but there i get "permission denied" - even at the private-directory. do i do something wrong (i simply used ".." to get to the higher levels and tried "/usr" to get in). and - as a non-unixer - i would like to know, if it is possible to get access to these directories by using the finder in some way.

thanx, jay
cd /
this will bring you to the top of the files system
then type "ls" or "ls -i" to see everything
then type "cd usr" then you will be in usr

type cd / at anytime to get back to the top.

get a book if you want to play.
Unix in a nutshell by Arnold Robbins
Unix in 24 hours by James C. Armstrong.

Great books.