How do I get it off?


So when I bought my iBook SE a few weeks ago, I was rather excited about OSX, had the beta sitting here waiting before the SE even arrived.

After installing it, I realized I have absolutely no use for *n*x on my iBook. I have a desktop Linux box at home and at work, and a Toshiba laptop that I could install Linux on if I had any use for Linux on a laptop whatsoever. I don't. I need the compatibility with MS Office for work related purposes, no, Star Office doesn't cut it. I need _full_ compatibility. I hate Windows like most everyone else, but I rather like OS9 and the brainless ease of use of a Mac.

OSX isn't set up that way, its still TOO much a *n*x system. If I'm not doing network related things, I have no use for a *n*x box whatsoever. So I want to go back to just OS9.0.4 on my iBook.

I installed OSX on the same partiition as 9 because the drive wasn't partitioned, not having used a Mac in about 6 years, I didn't know if I could partition it without blowing away the stuff that was already installed on the drive, didn't want to have to reinstall every program I'd already installed in OS9. Apple never responded to my plea for help getting OSX off.

** How can I remove OSX from the system and go back to straight OS9 without losing any of the stuff thats currently installed in OS9? **

(This situation with OS9 reminds me a lot of the OS/2 vs. Windows war. OS/2 lost because it had a lack of end-user software and wasn't as easy for mainstream computer users to use. OSX is looking to go the same way. People buy Macs and pay more for them than PCs BECAUSE they are so easy to use. Why would I pay so much for a Mac just to run *n*x on it when I could buy a much cheaper PC and run Linux of any flavor on it? I hope Apple remedies that situation.)
Here is the deal, I have MacOSX on my lime 266Mhz iMac. Macosx crashed, and corrupted OS9, so I wanted to get rid of it too. It is not easy. I asked and found the answer, and I tried it and I am now back to OS9 succesfully.
Here is what you do: start up on the macos9 cd (the cd that came with your iBook). When you are fully started up on the cd, open up the mac hd. Take the folder OS9 out of the hd, drag it on the desktop. The OS9 folder is your original mac hd. Now take your Mac Hd, without os9 in it, and put it in the trash. Rename the OS9 folder Mac hd (or whatever you prefer). Go back to the system disk control panel, if you cannot find it it is on the mac osx cd (probably a good idea to make a copy of the system disk control panel off the Mac OSX cd and put it on your desktop, before you start. Now open up the system disk CP and select Classic MAc, and restart. This should work, it worked for me. If everything works right, just throw away MACOSX. Good luck!