How do I handle a 24" Display under X


I´m working with two monitors on a G4.
24" Formac and 17" Sony
After installing OS X both displays had bin working without probs, but:
on the 24" I have no resolution like 1920*1200 like under OS 9. WHY??????
That´s no fun. (only 640*480,800*600,1024*768,1280*1024 and1600*1200)

Who can help?????
I need 1920*1200!

You should be able to see 1920x resolutions if you uncheck the "Show Only Recommended Modes" box in the Display prefs.

I have the same problem on my Ti, regardless of the state of "show modes recommended by display", Colors, or Refresh Rate. OS 9.1 supports 1900*1600 just fine on the same configuration, but OS X tops off @ 1280 x 1024.

Anybody have an idea?