How do I kill window blinking and dock fade-out?


I use a Beige G3 and am running 10.2. Since it is a slower computer, I want to disable all special effects that take time away from opening something. First, in MacOS 9, you could switch off menu blinking in the control panel, so that when you selected a command from a menu it would get right to work instead of flashing three times first. Please tell me someone's found a hack to do this is MacOSX. The other thing I really hate is menu fadeout on the dock. I have the applications folder on the dock, and when I select a program that has its own folder within the applications folder, it litterally takes two seconds to fade the menus out. In the case of a program like TextEdit, that's almost more time than it takes the program itself to start.

Thanks for your help.
I believe you'll find some of the options you want in "Cocktail" and "TinkerTool", such as turning off menu blinking. Others can be found in "Transparent Dock" such as turning off dock blinking and bounce. Others will require you to browse through the PLIST files such as:

~/Library/Preferences/ - there are some useful ones in this like "AnimateInfoPanes" "AnimateWindowZoom" etc.

You can edit the PLIST files in a text editor, or an XML editor. There is a good XML editor included with the Apple Developer Tools (XCode).