How do I mount a Solaris volume on my Mac OS X desktop?



I am running Mac OS X 10.04 on my machine and need to mount a Solaris volume on my desktop. The Solaris box is a Sparc.

Yes, I can telnet and ftp to the Solaris box. However, our website (internal) is on the solaris box and I need to mount that volume on my Mac desktop to make it easier dealing with my source control software.

Thanks for any help


p.s. we do for the time being have full admin access to the Solaris box.
netinfo is apple's adaptation of the "technology" that NeXT worked on for years.

It is 100% supported in OSX.

It is responsible for controlling some of the main unix protocols: NFS, NIS....

there is a document and I quote; "UnderstandingUsingNetInfo.pdf"

go to and then to the knowledge base.

type that it. There is a section on mounting near the end, but the rest is interesting.

You will probably be using NFS, although I hear that is not the most secure. What is ??
Dont need no Netinfo junk. Just make sure that the uid you
have on the OSX box is the same uid you have on Solaris.

'export' the Solaris volume and use 'mount' on OSX. Not
a big deal. I have 3 Sparc partitions mounted on my OSX
box. Automount is next ;)

A gentleman in Europe wrote NFSmanager which is a
GUI for the mount command. Highly recommended.
There is always SAMBA. Netatalk is decent but it will not export files with more than 31 characters. NFS is probably the most difficult option to set up, and it might not show up on the desktop. In 10.1 it probably will however.
Originally posted by dark3lf
In 10.1 it probably will however.

No, i'm afraid not :(
What a real pity is, is that the samba-client is not ready yet in the 10.1 release. This leaves nfs as the only fully working solution (well, without mounting on desktop).