How do I rename drives/partitions?


I have 2 partitions on my 4GB HD, 1 for OS 9 and 1 for OS X, however, when I reformatted, they both defaulted to the names 'untitled' and 'untitled 2' respectively. Does anyone know how I can rename these to Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X? I can't seem to do it in the Finder
Did you format using Apple's Drive Setup?

You can lock disks with some 3rd party utilities, not suggesting you did this though.

I assume you are renaming them under OS9?
Try getting info on them and naming them in there.
If that dont work boot with extensions off, or boot from the system CD and do it.

If you are in OSX try using the inspector (im not in OSX at the moment so I havent tried that).

As mentioned the only thing that'll stop you is file sharing, unless of course you have some 3rd party apps that are locking the disk.