How do I set up to switch back and forth on my mac & pc?


Hi, I'm new and unfortunately I'm technically challenged. I just purchased a power mac g4 from a coworker and I still have an older pc (4-5yrs). I want to set up my workstation to use only my mac monitor (15" flat panel monitor), keyboard, and mouse on both the mac and pc. What do I need to get without having to cost a fortune? My monitor has a usb connector and dvi (24-pin) connector. My pc only takes a regular 15pin vga connector. I'm hoping that I can use my 25pin epson 820 printer off my pc though. I've asked people at local stores (Fry's and unfortunately they're no help)... the guy tells me that no one do this normally. Is that true because I'm quite surprise that no one's thought of this. Someone please help. Thanks!
If it weren't for the different video formats, you would be able to use a device called a "KVM Switch" (KVM for Keyboard, Video and Mouse) to flick between using either of the computers. This is still an option, however because of the fact your PC uses the old VGA connection and your Mac uses DVI (digital) connection, you would also have to either hook up some kind of adapter, or just use two separate monitors (while still sharing the one keyboard and mouse).

Of course, the easiest option is just to put the PC off to the side with its own peripherals.
Well, almost no wires, you still need a network cable...

First, figure out the network address of both computers.
Then get the free "Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac" here:

Then start "Terminal Services" on your PC, and set it to only allow connections from your Mac.

Start "Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac" on your Mac, and enter the network address of your PC in the dialogue box, click "Connect". Now you control the PC from your Mac, either in full screen mode, or in a window. Works like a charm!
Thanks so much for responding. Would this item do the trick if I purchased it? Are there any other things I would need?

OmniView SOHO Series 2-Port KVM Switch with Audio
Part # F1DD102U

The new OmniView SOHO Series KVM Switch with Audio from Belkin allows you to control up to two DVI/USB computers from one USB keyboard and mouse, and one DVI monitor. Used with Belkin DVI cabling, SOHO Series Switches support video resolutions up to 1600x1200, delivering uncompromising quality images for the newest, high-end displays. Its innovative design offers built-in cable management and creates a sculpted new look for your desktop-while saving you time, space, and money.
does your pc have support for usb keyboards and mice? if it does, then its rather easy. i just did this with my pc and g4/466. i used this and inexpesive mircosoft mouse and keyboard and have not had any problems at all. i used ms mouse and kb because i knew that they would work without issues on both platforms. ms may not have the greatest os, but i have never met a person that has had problems with their mice or kbs. i did try other kbs before getting the ms one, and they would not work right with the kvm. but if your pc does not have usb, does it have ps/2? then i can still help you. as far as the video goes, you'll have to use an adaptor on the monitor to the kvm, which will loose the usb on the monitor, but that is the price of trying to do this as smiple and cheap as possible.