How do I start up in OS X?


At my work we all work in OS 9. DOn't know why but someone said we had to even if we had OS X. Well my computer was set to start up in OS 9 and I can't figure out how to change it where it will start up in OS X and then I can just run it in classic. Any clues? Thanks!
Check in Control Panels for the Startup Items control panel. If there is actually an OS X OS installed, it will show the System folder there in the list. If not, then it's not installed.

BTW, if it's anything less than 10.2, don't even bother booting into it. You won't gain anything from versions before 10.2. And before you do this, check to make sure you have enough memory to run the OS X portion. At least 128 MB is required for the OS to run, 256 MB for any actual USE of the operating system.

Also make sure that you have the necessary firmware updates installed on that Mac, otherwise you'll have problems.