How do I turn off iTunes autolaunch?


Every time I insert an audio cd, iTunes automatically launches. Is it possible to turn off this feature somehow (apart from uninstalling iTunes...).

I looked around iTunes and SystemPreferences (you could turn that off in QuickTime Control Panel in OS 9), but it seems there's no option to turn this off.

Fortunately, TinkerTool gives you options to play (or not to play) Music/Movies CD/DVD when they are inserted.

I suggest you download it. It's free and gives you many other options.
Does iTunes automatically start playing, or does it just launch? What about iTunes Menu-->Preferences-->General Tab-->"On CD Insert:"
Grasping at straws here. I have mine set to "Show Songs" and iTunes doesn't automatically start up. Yours isn't set to "Begin Playing" is it? Like I said I'm grasping at straws. I second the TinkerTool recommendation, though. That could fix it for you.
Originally posted by jamall
Open the Login system preference pane and remove iTunes Helper from the list

I thought about doing this, too. But I wasn't exactly sure of what this 'iTunes Helper' does. I'm not sure if I read anything about it in the readme file. Well, I can't really say I "read" the readme on this one... I sorta "looked" at it.

If this (launching iTunes when Audio CD is inserted) is all it does, then I guess removing it is fine... but I wasn't sure if there's anything else this "helper" is doing, so I haven't removed it yet...

does anyone know?

And I have my iTunes set to "Show Songs", but it still launched iTunes when Audio CD was inserted. I guess it feels the need to check the database and find out what's on the CD. (if you insert N'Sync CD, your Mac ejects it after checking the database!!!.... well.... it doesn't... well, I don't know... since I don't have the CD... but I guess it won't)