How do I, wipe my hard disc reinstall 9.1 and then X?


Dear all,

I've truly mucked up my installation of MacOSX, suffering really from not relaising I didn't have 9.1 installled on my G4 cube, now, I feel the simplest solution would be start afresh. To wipe the HD install, 9.1 and then X!

Evrytime I goto to reinstall a OS, they appear to still be using and getting glitches from previous copies of the OS, and wasting HD space - how do I reinstall 9.1 and make it like a 'new' machine? So that I may then install X?

After I've got it properly installed I can always then reinstall all my classic applications :)


just reformat - start up off the 9 CD, run disk utility & reformat/partition the drive, install 9, then install X