how do i???


i am new with mac os x..i just switched from windows to mac and i am looking for the command that i can take a print screen just like windows has..

does mac have the same command?? how can i take a print screen in mac os x or a shortcut on the keyboard


Are you asking how to take a screenshot?

Shift+Apple+3 will take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to your Desktop.
Shift+Apple+4 will change the cursor to a cross-hair for capturing a selection of the screen and save the resulting file to your Desktop.
Shift+Control+Apple+3 or 4 will do the same (full screen or selection) but will save the image to your clipboard to paste into a graphics application.
Shift+Apple+4 then hit the space bar will change the cursor to a camera, which can be used to take a shot of an entire window at once.


'cybergoober' suggests valid keyboard equivalent snapshot taking actions; however, the format of the snapshots depends on which version of MacOS X you are currently running.
'Panther' (10.3.x) saves the snapshots as '.pdf' files; whereas, 'Tiger' (10.4.x) saves them as '.png'.

'Snapz Pro X' does the same as, and more than, Apples provided keyboard equivalent snapshot taking actions. Some of its additional features include: setting the file format of the snapshots, where to save the snapshots (sadly - fixed and limited, many would like to see an 'Other...' option available), or even print them once taken. For an additional cost, you can even create '.mov' format movies.


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You can also use Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-3 or Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-4. Those just put the screenshot into the clipboard, from where you can paste it into any graphics processor. (And save the file later in the format you want...) I usually use the latter solution, since I rarely need a shot of the whole screen.