How do Standard File Dialogs work now?


I am quite baffled with the new file dialogs used in OS X. In a standard open dialog, where you need to select a file, there is an edit box? Nothing I seem to type there (for example "/", or the name of a directory displayed in the dialog list) does anything. And the drop down menu at the top is very different than in old school Mac OS.

Perhaps there is some documentation I need to be pointed to that will answer all my questions?


PS: I'm no newbie.. I'm a 12+ year Mac & Unix veteran.
it's for typing paths: ~/ ~/Downloads /etc and so on

you have to hit return before it'll go there though.
I also think that the new File Dialog box has some flaws. For instance, if I would like to import some MP3s from a mounted CD to the iTunes Library, there is no way to get to it from the GUI. I'll have to type /Volumes to choose the CD. Also, there is no "up_to_the_parent_directory" option either. I literally have to start from the beginning. Those are some obvious GUI design flaws.

I dont see what you're talking about - I'm able to see the CD in the browser panel just fine. Besides, you can just drag the track from the Finder into the iTunes playlist.

And to get to a parent directory, just scroll left.
Yeah, the scroll left is what I kept overlooking.

But what about making new folders? Is there a way to do that from within a file dialog?

Ahh... I see what you are saying. The scroll bar. Well, to me, this feature isn't really that obvious though. I would think that from a GUI perspective, they should have made it more obvious.
But what about making new folders? Is there a way to do that from within a file dialog?

I'm pretty sure there is in the Save dialog (I'm not using X right now) but not in the Open dialog: what would be the point?