How do you Clean Install with update CD?


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How do you Clean install with the OS 10.1 Update Cd? When I boot to the installer I see no option to clean install.


if by clean you mean to re-format the drive then here is how:

1) have 10.0.x installed
2) boot off of the 10.1 cd
3) when you get to the select install drive, select your drive then select to format with HFS or UFS (preferably HFS).

Then continue with the install.

That's it...If you want to you can then install 9.2.1 after OSX

This is the process I have done, and all works fine and well.

The only sucky thing is you have to start with 10.0.x first if you only have the update cd. But when you choose to format that will be wiped away, and 10.1 will be cool with that.

enjoy, good luck!