How do you monitor users?


How do you know if any network users are connected to your computer?

Under OS9 there was a "connected users" window in the File Sharing Conrtrol Panel or a pop up under the Control Strip.

I cannot find anywhere in OSX to tell if a user is connected to a machine. I presume, at the very least, this can be done in the Terminal.

Hopefully, there is some way to do this within the Aqua inferface...
I don't think there's any good tools without getting server. You can monitor network activity with GraNet and I have aliased a command called still in my .tcshrc that issues the following command.

last -50 | grep still

This will show (in theory anyway) any users who are listed with the comment "still connected" including AFP, TCP, telnet, ssh, and console login. If you don't see yourself in that list, something is very wrong. :)
I believe that you can also use the finger and who commands in the terminal. type in "man finger" or "man who" (without the quotes) to get some info on syntax.

I don't know what this will do for multiple users exactly, because I'm not personally connected to a network and can't test it (also I'm the newbie of unix newbie's).

or the command I gave in my previous post. I see nothing better yet. Looking into server and seeing what's there.
once tcpflow is installed monitor one or several ports for activity. specially if you know you are serving telnet, ssh, ftp, http (80,81,8080,etc), afp, timbuktu, smb,mail, etc.

That way you can actually see the actuall incoming/outgoing requests...

That's just one more suggestion.

I've tried "who", "whois", and "finger" and all I see is myself, and I know other people are connected to my computer. I've even tried this as root, same effect. I wonder if these commands are working properly, i.e. Apple correctly implemented them, or Apple somehow tweaked its version of BSD such that these commands don't recognize when someone is connected. Perhaps it only works on Mac OS X Server. I don't know.
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So how do you see who is logged on to your OSX Server? Is there a GUI interface for that?

Yes, there is. For Apple file sharing. In Mac OS X Server open the Admin Utility, authenticate then go to File and Web(?--not in front of my server right now) tab. Click on the Apple filesharing icon and select Show connection status (or something like that). This will allow you to see who's connected and to message them if you wish.
Great... Now how do we do this in non-Server OS X?

There are several other threads asking this exact question, but none of them actually give an answer suitable to Apple File Sharing. Who is connected Unix command line is not the question: