How download dev tool for 10.1


I go to

click login, enter my ID and password, and click continue

on the top right of the screen there are some data from my profile, including a person number

i click on dowload sofware

i click to download dev tools 187.1MB

a panel appers to me asking again user name and pasword, on user name there is already compiled my person number. I don't understand what kind of password i need to insert here.
I don't know why you'd be asked for you password again unless your login timed out ... I tried to download it tells me:
User 13140366 access denied.
I'm guessing that everyone and their dog is trying to download this thing, give it a couple days and hopefully it will ease up. :rolleyes:
Yeah, World + Dog was downloading it last night. It took me a few tries to get it since some times I would click on the download button and it would tell me that it recieved an invaild responce from the application. About the 5th time I clicked it it worked fine.

So Just keep trying.
hell no ! That would be suicide ! I can't find my membership details so maybe it's something else (That would be heavy , Steve Jobs turning up with heavies from Cupertino :) )